• Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Web development

    In a complex task like build a website where the process consists of many steps planning has a very big role, as everything is build by the plan during the process. First we have to know your exact needs and afterwards we can start building the site.

  • PriceHunter - is there a cheaper one?


    Scan the barcode of any product, store the price and set the name. Compare the prices between your favourite markets.

    Build your own database!Find out where are the cheapest products of your daily shopping.

  • IP camera, PC periphery service

    Operate, manage and improve surveillance systems.
    Essential maintenance work may be nessessary at certain intervals even in the most fool-proofed observation systems. The customers satisfaction with our work and also our surveillance systems, and their reliability is very  important for us.

    If you prefer a new, more modern system we can build it up for you.

  • Complex networking

    Our company offers to plan, install and maintain complete networks of many types.

  • Education

    Our company's computing retraining, vocational training courses and several thousand people took part successfully ECDL exams and exam depot.

  • Gate & Entrance Automation

    Automated door, and garage door are a required level in case a house. Our locksmith skilled colleagues able to install/build iron and wood entrance doors and sectional garage  or rolling doors using sophisticated design.

  • CCTV systems

    In this sector the analog systems are still in use, but for the newly installed systems hybrid or fully digital systems are used. In case of hybrid systems PC based digitizing cards are used or for a more compact solution "target hardware" can be used. Today the most used systems are "IP" systems which are fully digital.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Software design and development for individual needs

Software development primary focuses on close to hardware, control,  intelligent autimation and safety technology solutions for needs arising from system intergration. For unique needs, business software solutions, designing and developing of web applications we are available to our customers with decades of experience.

Entrance systems

Among the security systems perhaps the existence of entry system can best facilitate an enterprise's life. An access control system can easily keep track of the movement of employees, or, if necessary restrict it, and combined with the timesheet registry module it can speed up and simplify the payroll accounting.

Biometric identifiers

Biometric identifiers

Traditional identifiers - such as proximity cards, magnetic cards, keys -  could be lost, copied. The passwords can be stolen, or we used to forget. These disadvantages completely free of all biometric method.

Fire alarm systems

This security technology area requires the most attention. These systems get very high attention as they can save your life. Fire alarm and suppression systems may only be installed and maintained by a cetrificated person, which is check by the fire service on handover.