Video AI and machine learning solutions for various purposes

Security Technology

With machine learning, security technology can be taken to a new level: we can classify, count and filter the vehicles and people that appear in the camera image; you can recognize faces or receive notifications when certain objects appear. Learn more

Pillanatfelvétel a kamerafelvételekről, a járművek bekeretezéssel megjelölve, címkével ellátva

Livestock Production

Not only can livestock be counted using computer vision, but diseases can also be detected and identified early by machine analysis of movement patterns. For example, machine learning helps to spot cattle lameness early. Learn more

Crop Production

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can identify and count plants, and classify crops by size, weight, and color. Learn more

Health Care Sector

Artificial intelligence can be of great help to physicians in imaging diagnostics. For example, the system is suitable for high-precision grouping of various skin lesions and contributes to the elimination of misdiagnosis. Learn more


Downloadable publications

Zsolt Lengyel: Machine Learning Basics (presentation), 18 April, 2023 (in Hungarian, clicking on the link downloads the PPT file)