Design, construction and maintenance of alarm systems

Which alarm system to choose? Prompt helps with that too.

There is a huge variety of alarm systems available on the market today. Our company selects the manufacturers and products that can be added to the systems we sell and install according to the following requirements:

  • easily manageable by users,
  • reliable operation,
  • low maintenance needs,
  • appropriate service background,
  • and in addition, adequate pricing.

After thorough testing, we chose alarm centres from two manufacturers, Paradox and DSC. Both manufacturers’ products include applications that can be implemented in small, medium and large systems, and of course, both manufacturers have both wired and wireless solutions. However, their products also differ, not only in programming but also in usage level—the two systems are best suited to meet different user needs.

In order to be able to offer complete alarm systems to our customers, we have chosen the PIMA, CROW, D&D and PULNIX sensor families.

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