Our Clients and References

Procter & Gamble
Set-up of an IT system for a subsidiary company of Procter & Gamble.

Caterpillar Hungary PLC.
Maintance with flat rate for 50-100 computers

Teva Pharmacy PLC.
Maintance with flat rate, installation of IT network and a camera system (with hundreds of cameras).

Metropolitan Grand Circus
Set-up of a camera- and a complex IT system

GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals Ltd.
Set-up and maintance of an observation camera system and it’s network.

Hungarian National Museum
Set-up of camera system and IT network.

Royal Palace of Gödöllő
Set-up of an analog camera system, and design of an entry system with bar.

Szent István University  Gödöllő
Development of an IP-based camera system and a computer network.

Lear Corporation Hungary Ltd.
Adult training in the company: Word, Excel (beginner, medium intermediate and intermediate), Excel VBA, AutoCAD (beginner and intermediate), Solidworks, PowerPoint, Java.

North-Hungarian University
Development of E-learning content: Conversions of academical notes into DocBook xml. format.

Green Kindergarten of Gödöllő
Setting up a fire alarm system.

Combined Social Institution of Gödöllő
Setting up a fire alarm system.

Industrial Park of Gödöllő
Installation of fire alarm system, and the designing of the entry system with bar.

Kominex Ltd.
Maintance with flat rate.