Computer and IT Devices Repair and Maintenance

Computer service and maintenance activities are performed and managed by highly qualified IT and security specialists and electrical engineers.

Computer Service

We offer servicing of computers, whether it is software installation or solving a hardware problem.

  • Repair and maintenance of desktops, laptops (PCs and Macs)
  • Repair of power supplies, winchesters, monitors, electronic machines, other components, peripherals
  • Virus control; software installation and configuration
  • Hardware testing of separate components

We also service input (eg scanner, webcam) and output peripherals (printer, speaker, sound card, projector, monitor, plotter, etc.).

Maintenance of surveillance systems

From time to time, it is necessary to perform maintenance work even on the most reliable surveillance systems to prevent problems from occurring later.

We detect faults, suggest improvements and service faulty components.

Our technicians will repair all types and brands of cameras and recording units at our site in Gödöllő, and we also perform on-site troubleshooting.

We take care of:

  • inspection, partial or complete replacement of the installed cabling,
  • inspection, partial or complete replacement of connectors,
  • the purchase of parts and units for repairs on short notice,
  • re-commissioning of defective products after repair,
  • if the fault cannot be remedied, replace the necessary equipment.

If you prefer a new, more modern camera system, you can also entrust its construction and installation to us.

Repair of smartphones and tablets

Have you ever dropped your GPS, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or possibly your Kindle e-book reader? Is the touch panel and LCD broken, or just faulty? Did you try to have it repaired, but were told that the broken display could not be repaired?

Contact us—we will fix the problem! We specialize in the repair and fast replacement of damaged, broken displays.

Our mobile device and GSM service offers:

  • repairing iPhones and Android smartphones, e-book readers, PDAs and tablets,
  • hardware and software repairs,
  • repair of wet devices,
  • software update,
  • repair of speakers, keyboards, touch screens and others,
  • battery replacement.

Service fees

Call out fees

  • Within Gödöllő: 3,000 Ft + VAT
  • In the catchment area of Gödöllő: 4,500 Ft + VAT
  • Within Budapest: 9,000 Ft + VAT

Work fees

  • Hourly rate: 5,900 Ft + VAT
  • System administrator / engineering hourly rate: 16,000 Ft + VAT


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