System administrator services with flat rate

Nowadays, almost every company has a certain level of IT structure, but it's not always reasonable to employ a full-time system administrator. Prompt offers system administration, system maintenance, database administration, network administration and computer data protection services within the framework of a flat-rate contract.

We offer contracted, fixed periodic disembarkation and maintenance for small and large enterprises, as well as other administrative works that do not require a permanent full-time presence of a system administrator, or maintainer.

This includes a monthly, prearranged number of disembarkations, disembarkations based on error reports, extra disembarkations, out-of-contract wage discounts.

The terms of the contract may include:

  • maintenance of computer network,
  • custom maintenance and cleaning of computers,
  • configuring, and installing office and other software installations,
  • virus scanning,
  • updates, installs,
  • operation of mail system, website maintenance.

For most software problems, you don't have to pay the disembarkation fee either, because the can be solved remotely over the Internet.  The flat-rate maintenance service has been developed for this case.

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