Grandis—Elderly Care Vocational Training in the 21st Century

The aim of the project Grandis XXI., honoured with the Tempus Public Foundation Award, is to develop a practice-oriented, competence-based modular training program (competence map, curriculum and learning materials) for formal and informal caregivers that prepares them for the effective use of alarm-capable smart devices monitoring life functions and ICT systems for online networking, communication and learning.

Application for the Hungarian language online training entitled “Using Digital Tools to Maintain Quality of Life in Elderly Care,” is possible on the website of the iTStudy Learning Center.

As a result of demographic changes, the number of elderly people in need of care is increasing worldwide. The proportion of the population over the age of 65 in the European Union reached 18.5% in 2014, and this proportion is predicted to approach 30% by 2060. Aging societies are the biggest challenge of the 21st century for EU countries, to which not only health and social care systems but almost all sectors, including education and vocational training, need to respond.

(Public) social care institutions are less and less able to provide care that meets the needs of the 21st century (caring for the elderly in their own institutions). The methodological change in the social field (personalized care, assistance) and the growing social need to maintain an active lifestyle have increased the importance of workplaces supporting home care, and individual, home-technology-supported physical and mental care, organization of inter -  and intragenerational communication, establishment and operation of self-help networks is becoming more and more important.

At the Tempus Public Foundation's “Unlimited Impact” online conference, we presented the following video about the project:


Target groups

  • students of vocational education
  • formal caregivers, care workers
  • informal caregivers involved in the long-term-care of their relatives
  • „young” elderly people retired from related professions (e.g. teachers), who are interested in working as informal caregivers in online communities.

Objectives of the project:

• Study on the learning needs of 21st century social workers, based on a needs analysis in four countries.

• The training program and topics of the “Networked Elderly Caregiver” course in accordance with the European and Hungarian qualifications framework (EQF, NQF).

• Production of the “Networked Elderly Caregiver” online textbook and curriculum (text, video, animation) in three languages (English, French, Hungarian), in 5 modules.

• NEC (Networked Elderly Caregiver Certification) accredited certification in partner countries.



P2 SZÁMALK-Szalézi Post-Secondary Vocational School, Hungary

P3 Öveges József Post-Secondary Vocational School of Vocational Centre Veszprém, Hungary

P4 Universidad Europea de Madrid SL, Spain

P5 Aston University, United Kingdom

P6 The Irish Computer Society, Ireland

P7 GUIMEL Training, Innovation and Consulting Company, France

P8 Corvus Adult Educational Provider Ltd. Hungary HU

Project ID: 2016-1-HU01-KA202-023044

Duration: 1.09.2016–28.02.2019.

The project’s website: https://www.grandis21.hu/