Solo 823 universal smoke and heat detector test kit rental

During installation and maintenance, fire alarm systems must be tested to comply with current regulations. To do this, we offer for rent the Solo 823 smoke and heat detector test kit, which is cost-effective, approved by all detector manufacturers and meets international standards.

Daily rental fee for the Solo test set: HUF 15,000 + VAT.

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A Solo 823 tesztkészlet darabjai

Parts of the set

Solo 330 aerosol dispenser

The dosing tank of the Solo 330 is large enough to test most of the sensors perfectly, yet its shape does not hinder the work.

  • Suitable for testing smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors
  • For testing detectors up to 100 mm in diameter
  • Complies with UL standard
  • Can be used with all leading sensor brands
  • Dispenser and patented membrane contain particles that retain test gas and test smoke, respectively
  • Durable, also suitable for daily use
  • Efficient and economical aerosol release due to its spring mechanism
  • The tank is transparent so that the detector LED is visible during testing
  • It can also be used to test high or angled sensors

Solo 461 wireless hot air sensor tester

Using the unique Cross Air technology, the tester heats the air and blows it through the tank so that the hot air travels safely towards the sensor and not towards the plastic parts or cover.

  • Recommended by sensor manufacturers
  • There is no risk of tripping over it as it is a wireless device
  • Quick activation
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Universal - can be used with most detectors
  • Designed for testing high and angled detectors
  • Battery operated (kit includes two rechargeable batteries and a battery quick charger)
  • Can be used with fixed or rising temperature and combined detectors up to 194 °F / 90 °C

Solo 100 telescopic rod

  • 4.5 m long bar consisting of 4 sections
  • Fiberglass, lightweight design
  • Certified non-conductive to protect both user and live equipment from accidental short circuit

3 Solo 101 extension rods

  • Bars 1.13 meters long each
  • Fiberglass, lightweight design
  • Together with the Solo 100 telescopic rod, detectors mounted up to a height of 9 meters are easily accessible

Solo 200 detector removal or installation device

With color-coded, rotatable heads, it allows us to adjust in a variety of ways and attaches stably to a wide variety of detectors.

  • Universal design—can be used with most detector brands
  • For sensors with a diameter of 65 to 110 mm
  • Can be used in angular places, on suspended ceilings
  • Lightweight design

Solo 610 carrying case

Carrying case for convenient transport of head units, battery holders, battery chargers and aerosol containers.

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You can order aerosols from us for the Solo test kit.

Solo A10 - for smoke detection testing, 150 ml

  • Transparent synthetic aerosol
  • Complies with UL and ULC standards
  • Recommended by sensor manufacturers
  • Non-flammable (Solo A3 and A5 are flammable)
  • Oil-free formula
  • Does not leave deposits in the sensor
  • Non-toxic (Solo A3 contained toxic gas)

Price: 8665 HUF

Solo C3 – for testing carbon monoxide sensors

  • Recommended by sensor manufacturers
  • A real, non-flammable CO stimulus

Price: 9399 HUF

Solo A7 – detector cleaning aerosol

Dirty or contaminated detectors can cause false alarms. With the Solo A7 cleaning aerosol, dirt can be effectively removed from the sensors.

  • Non-flammable
  • Does not wear the equipment

Price: 8470 HUF

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