Gate automation, access gate and barrier gate installation

Gates and garage doors

With the help of our locksmiths, we install automated entrance gates and automated, sectional or tilting garage doors with sophisticated iron and wood design.

It is also possible to control the gate, the garage door and the garage alarm system with the same remote control, so we need to use 1 instead of 3 and not even get out of the car to deactivate the alarm.

In the case of garage doors, two types of movement implementations are possible. One (and presumably the most common) is when we close the door to the garage ceiling using a motor. With this design, you can choose a door type that opens and divides at the same time—that is, a sectional door. The other solution is when, like a shutter, we roll up the door on a drum.

There are several solutions for opening gates. One of the most common is the so-called sliding solution, where the gate can be moved along its entire length and opened by sliding it along the fence. The other one is to open the swing gates: a moving motor is mounted on both wings, so that the wings can be opened up to 90° or 100-110°.

Barrier gates

We offer barrier gates for almost any use—for a small office building, for example, where 10 cars are parked per day, a low-power barrier may be suitable, but a parking garage requires a high-performance barrier gate, capable of opening more than 10 times per minute.

In the case of a remote control system, the barrier gate only needs power supply (which is another advantage).

In all automated devices, we put emphasis on safe operation, to prevent accidents or damage. In the case of barrier gates, previously this was possible only with infrared barriers. Thanks to the development of control units, the motor now detects the closing and reverses the direction of movement, thus protecting the obstructing object (car) or person. Infrared barriers have not been abandoned either: in addition to retaining their safety function, we can expand the convenience features of the system with them (eg., after automatic closing out).

Turnstiles, revolving gates

Turnstiles and revolving gates allow for fast, automated access.

A turnstile or revolving gate is recommended for entrances where the automated entry of many people has to be solved (at building entrances, metro stops, etc.). It is typically used in conjunction with an access control system—in which case the gate turns after identification.

Swing gates can be used for the same purpose, however, as they are 2 meters high, they cannot be skipped.

Barriers, turnstiles, revolving gates are just “executive” devices—they usually need an access control center or even a simple switch operated by a porter or security guard.

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