TeNeGEN — teachers, teaching and the net generation

The TeNeGEN consortium is developing a collaborative teaching-learning environment in which it intends to involve educators in the medium of network communication and knowledge sharing, instead of teaching them e-learning methods.

As part of the innovation transfer, TeNeGEN incorporates the results of two previous LdV projects into the development of the teacher training program.

In the framework of the innovation transfer, we integrate the results of three previous EU developments.

The Italian-coordinated SLOOP project (Open Sharing of Curriculum Elements) uses “open source”, which is widespread in software development, in an educational environment.

  1. The NETIS (Networked Learning in the Information Society) project formulates the new philosophical, sociological and pedagogical paradigms of the information society that are emerging today.
  2. “E-learning, the school of the future” integrates the experiences of the teacher training program initiated by the NSZFI and developed by the Prompt Training Center into the TeNeGEN developments.

Project data:

Short name: TeNeGEN

Title: Connect the teachers to reach and teach the Net Generation

Duration: October 1, 2008 – September 30, 2010

Type: innovation transfer

Program: Leonardo da Vinci – LLL

Participating countries: Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Scotland

Project website: https://tenegen.eu/