E-learning content development at ELTE TTK

Objectives of the TÁMOP-4.1.2.A/1-11/1 project:

  • development of training programs (content and methodology), digital content development (development of electronic curricula for 68 subjects),
  • modernization of content services, creation of a knowledge management system,
  • utilization, sustainability and continuous improvement of the results, training of the trainers.

The project, in line with the objectives of the Digital Renewal Action Plan,

  • creates the foundations of the institution's modern digital content service, creates an inspiring, networked learning environment that encourages cooperation of teachers and students,
  • creates a digital curriculum library that can be continuously improved with the involvement of lecturers by producing 68 digital versions of state of the art science curricula,
  • in order to ensure the sustainability of the results, it prepares the teachers of the institution for the use of ICT tools, digital content and the application of modern teaching methods.

The closely related project elements make it possible to review the training structure, modernize teaching methods, integrate the results of the project into the institution's curriculum, increase students' interest in science careers and the number of young technicians and science professionals with competitive qualifications. 

Project partners:

  • ELTE TTK — coordinator
  • Prompt Training Center — digital content (XML/DocBook) and e-book production, eLearning methodology training for teachers
  • Student Foundation — framework development