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The Intel® Teach program is part of Intel's $ 100 million annual investment program to improve the quality of education around the world.

More than 10 million educators from 70 countries have already completed the various courses under the education program.

The Prompt Training Center has been commissioned to adapt Intel® Teach curricula in Hungary. In Hungarian, the Project-Based Learning course will be published first, expected at the beginning of next year. The entire curriculum is currently being tested on the final interface.

The project-based approach is less known and used in education in Hungary. During the interactive course, educators can take up with the new method through a number of examples and tasks:

  • acquire the knowledge needed to plan projects,
  • learn how to measure individual performance during projects,
  • learn how to manage the learning process over the life of the projects, and
  • learn how to develop their students 21st century skills such as collaboration, self-management, critical thinking and information literacy.

Some additional features of the project-based learning course are:

  • tasks and problems related to everyday life,
  • research,
  • teamwork,
  • cooperation,
  • self-assessment and evaluation of each other's work,
  • self-management,
  • learning reflections,
  • training in external locations,
  • involvement of experts, volunteers,
  • presentation of project results to the public.

Although preparing and designing a project requires extra work from educators, research shows that project work effectively engages students, and in many cases students who have previously had difficulty with motivation are more enthusiastic about learning. The new learning method also develops students ’skills that are less emphasized in traditional learning (e.g., communication and collaboration, leadership and responsibility).

The trainings will be available free of charge online. They are recommended for any educator who would like to try a new method to arouse students ’interest and develop their 21st century skills.

The Project-Based Learning course consists of the following five modules:

  1. Overview of the project method
  2. Pedagogical planning
  3. Performance evaluation
  4. Project planning
  5. Managing learning

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