Web hosting with maintenance and continuous monitoring

We protect the websites hosted on Prompt's servers with the most advanced practices from attacks, hacking, and we also provide regular security updates, maintenance, and round-the-clock monitoring.

From domain reservation to website upload, we take full care of all IT tasks, so you don't have to deal with any technical details.

If you entrust us with the development or rebuilding of your website, it is especially recommended that the site is hosted by Prompt, as the development and maintenance are much smoother and even cheaper this way.

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Why is good hosting important?

The hosting provider you choose for your site is an important business decision. If the server you use for this purpose is unsafe, information may get lost, stolen, and this can be fatal for your business.

A good choice guarantees that the site cannot be hacked, the loading speed of web pages does not slow down even with a larger number of visitors, and the size of the storage space is in line with your goals and the use of the site.

Regular security updates

Security updates are often released for content management systems (CMS) (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla). Without installing these updates, the website will eventually become vulnerable, and in the long run, can become a victim of automatic (or even targeted) attacks.

Of course, from a simple company website that does not store any personal data and where users cannot log in, no data can be stolen by hackers. When attacking such web pages, an attacker's goal is to modify the content and replace it with illegal or even dangerous (virus infected) content.

If your website is not properly maintained — neither the server nor the CMS engine running the website has security updates installed — your site may display strange content or run malicious code on your visitors' computers.


Websites stored on Prompt's servers are not only "stored" by our administrators, but also maintained. Security and other updates are regularly installed both on the web pages and the server.

Continuous monitoring, immediate action

On the servers of Prompt, you can enjoy the benefits of not only maintenance but also continuous monitoring. For example, if your site is unavailable for some reason, or if there is a sudden spike in traffic and it requires administrator expansion (intervention), our experts can take immediate action. In the event of an attack, network failure, or other error, continuous monitoring will keep your site as secure as possible.

Automatic security backups

Did you accidentally delete important content on your website? Have you lost any other data? With automatic security backups, we can easily restore your site cost-free.

Domain registration

If you want to buy a domain but don't want to get involved in technical details, our administrators will take care of your registration and all the necessary settings. We are also at your disposal if you need a subdomain entry or any changes in your domain.

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