Web hosting with maintenance and continuous monitoring

We use state-of-the-art methods to protect the websites stored on our servers from attacks and hacking, monitor their stable operation around the clock, and provide regular security updates and maintenance.

We help you to migrate your existing website to our server, and if you entrust us with the development or redesigning and rebuilding of your website, it is highly recommended that we host it as well, as this way the process is much smoother and cost-effective.

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Prompt offers:

  • web hosting,
  • e-mail hosting,
  • VPN hosting.

Web hosting

Websites hosted on our server benefit not only from maintenance, but also from continuous monitoring. We also help you transfer your existing website from your current hosting provider.

The parameters of our server and web hosting service:

  • 10 GB of web storage space,
  • MySQL database, up to 3 GB of size,
  • SSL encryption (Let’s Encrypt certification),
  • 99% annual uptime,
  • daily backup, stored for 7 days,
  • security updates: we install all newly released security updates on our servers, and we also perform regular security updates on the Drupal, Joomla, or Wordpress CMS environment of the website,
  • Apache2 web server,
  • serving static files (HTML, CSS, JS, other files),
  • redirects, possibility to set aliases,
  • PHP 7.4+ running environment.

E-mail hosting

Parameters of our e-mail hosting service:

  • IMAP mail server from any mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, MacOS Mail, etc.),
  • webmail access, 
  • spam filtering, virus filtering: we install the open source Spamassassin and Amavis system for spam and virus filtering. 95% of spam is filtered (5% false positives),
  • SSL encryption (Let’s Encrypt certification),
  • back-up of e-mails for six months, daily for the first month, then weekly,
  • mailbox folders, mailing rules management,
  • e-mail forwarding and creation of bulk emails.

VPN hosting

It is also possible to allow visitors to access the server environment hosting the website or web application only via a private network, ie., a VPN network. A VPN server is installed for this purpose. Technical parameters of our VPN server:

  • 2vCPU
  • 8 GB memory
  • 80 GB hard drive
  • 20 TB data traffic
  • OpenVPN 2.4.8  

VPN hosting works on a virtual hosting system.

Hosting Service Prices

Web hosting: HUF 36 000 + VAT / year

Mail hosting (+5 accounts):  HUF 21 600 + VAT / year

With our web hosting and mail server services, you get 1 working hour per month free of charge, which can be used for server configuration and backup.

VPN hosting: HUF 180 000 + VAT / year

Domain registration and domain name maintenance

If you want to buy a domain name but don't want to get involved in the technical details, our administrators will take care of the domain name registration and all the necessary settings and management. We are also at your disposal if you need to register a subdomain or make any changes to your domain.

The price for domain name administration and maintenance is HUF 5000 + VAT / domain name / year.

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