Technical and Content Optimization (SEO)

Having a website in itself might not be enough to succeed online: your prospective customers have to find your website when they search for the services and products you offer. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we help you rank better in Google's search results list so that more people can find your website and more people become your customers.

The websites we build are technically compliant with the quality guidelines of Google and other search engines from the get go. For example, we ensure that

  • the code is optimized, 

  • the site structure is transparent, all links are crawlable, 

  • the site is mobile-friendly (responsive), 

  • the pages load fast,

  • the robots.txt file is configured properly, 

  • there is an optimized XML sitemap, 

  • no functions result in duplicate content (eg., sorting product lists), 

  • the page structures are semantically correct (eg., heading structure).

In addition to laying the technical foundations, the website will be ready for content optimization. For example, on your new website, you'll be able to easily 

  • edit your content freely, without the help of a developer,

  • add page titles and meta descriptions to your pages, and edit them anytime,

  • define which page you would like to come up in Google, or show in the sitemap,

  • add alternative texts to images,

  • configure how you would like your pages' preview to look like when shared in social media.

In addition to all the above, we install and configure analytics tools (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console) that allow you to measure traffic so that you can monitor how people find and use your website.

If you need help with content optimization, we can take care of it as well, from content strategy, keyword research to editorial recommendations and image optimization.

The website will technically meet the A and AA level criteria of accessibility as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium, and as it will be easy to edit your contents, you will be able to make it accessible as well.

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