Graphic webdesign

To develop your new website, you can choose a ready-made design template or we can create custom graphic designs for you. We can also make an exact copy of your existing design, for example, if you want to switch to another content management system, but keep the graphic look of your website, or just make your current page more responsive.

We will present the graphic design we created in image format. You'll see how your website: the layout of the elements, the texts, images, headers and other elements will look like.

Upon request, we will also make a video prototype, so you will be able to see the animations and how different elements will look like when users interact with them. 

Several versions of the design or its elements can be made on request.

Responsive design

More and more people use their mobile phones to browse, so it’s important that your website looks good and easy to use, not just on your desktop, but also on mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets). Therefore, whether we are working on a ready-made template, a custom graphic design, or just copying an existing design, the finished website will always be responsive, meaning it will adapt perfectly to any display size.

Why is responsive design so important?

1. If a site automatically adapts to the screen size of the device used by the visitor, i.e. the layout fits any screen size perfectly, fewer visitors browsing on smaller screens will leave the page before buying, subscribing to the newsletter, reading the content, and so on.

2. You don't need a separate mobile site anymore to serve users with small screens. You only need one website that is responsive and therefore can be perfectly used on mobile because it adapts to the actual screen size the user is browsing on. So there is no need to develop, operate, maintain and edit two separate websites anymore.

3. A responsive website has a better chance of getting ahead in the Google results list. Responsive web design is the best practice in the search industry.

(If you want to make sure your site works well on older or less commonly used browsers and devices, it is recommended to choose a simpler design.)

Custom or template-based design?

Going with a ready-made graphic design template is faster and cheaper. The downside is that it can be difficult to fit the content into a ready-made form, or you may need to adapt your specific content to a generic design.

Developing websites with a unique graphic design is a bit more expensive and time consuming, but you'll not see your design on another website, and the structure will be tailored specifically to your needs and content. This also means that the user experience will be better, and branding is also better supported by this solution.

Branding design

If you request a complete graphic (re)branding, we can also help. This ensures that all your assets (website, newsletter, flyers, etc.) have a professional look and match perfectly.​