CMS (content management system) based web site development

If your website is based on a content management system (CMS), you can publish or modify content on it without the help of a developer. CMSs also have additional benefits:

  • You can easily edit the navigation, the menus.
  • You can upload any type of file to your website, from videos to PDF documents.
  • You can add online forms.
  • Your website will be expandable with e-commerce functionality (webshop).
  • Continuous updates guarantee secure and error-free operation.

We prefer the Drupal content management system.

With the award-winning Drupal platform, you can create 100% customizable, easy-to-maintain, manageable, and feature-rich websites.

You can edit 99% of your Drupal-based website on your own without the help of a developer, saving you a lot of time and money.

Our CMS-driven websites are technically search engine optimized and are handed over ready for content SEO (we also help with content SEO on demand).

In addition, every website we create is responsive, meaning you can be sure that the layout of the content that your visitors will use is appropriate for each display size. Thanks to thorough testing, our sites provide an excellent user experience on all popular browsers.

Speed also matters a lot, so you get a super-fast website that loads in an instant.

Our web development team carefully selects the modules you need for the efficient operation of your website and online business, which will provide the best user experience for both the website editor and the visitors.

While we are committed to Drupal, we also work with Wordpress, Magento and other CMS-based sites.