Needs assessment

In a complex task like build a website where the process consists of many steps planning has a very big role, as everything is build by the plan durgin the process. First we have to know your exact needs and afterwards we can start building the site. The process can be split into two main categories:

Creating the design

Egyedi weboldal design tervezése


The design is a preview picture of the website, usually a PSD or JPG file, which shows all the arrangement and details how the website will look like. This is only an illustartion to have an insight how it will look after the site is built. The layout illustration may vary depending on number of content types, modules, etc. 
The image may include visualization of the site and the newsletter, and company vision of ticket plan, which was prepared in line with a distinct look of the website.

Creating the website

This is the progress where the website is built based on the design. During the development process the website will take place on a temporary url. The whole process is open to the customer, so there is an opiton to "take part" in the develoment. The website is created in a content management system. The goal of CMS is to edit and maintain content easily after the website is handed over. There is no need for html or any special IT knowledge or any web developer. This makes the site very flexible. 




  • You can manage your website content
  • Content management according to the users' needs
  • CMS system with many upgradeable elements  (newsletter, test, questionnaire, ..)
  • Search Engine Optimization / SEO


Responsive websites

Mobilbarát, flexibilis, weboldalak tervezése.

At present, only up to a quarter of the websites have a mobile-friendly design.


Responsive = Flexible, device adaptive websites. 

Dynamically built website design, which always provides optimal user experience.


The same website perfectly fits to the visitor's mobile device, tablet, laptop, or your desktop.


The same image - from any device:


  • I-phone web browsing
  • Tablet
  • Workplace computer


Take an advantage with a new responsive website for yourself!


  • Be competitive


  • Lightning-fast page download

    • Information must be available right nowadays. A few seconds expectation may cause website leaving.  
  • Come up in the google search results list

    • A fast and well-structured website comes a much better position on the search engines. 


Honlap feltöltése webszerverre, levelező rendszer üzemeltetése

E-mail, webhosting

The websites made by us get place on our server, but there is an option to put the website on a server which is not operated by us. Furthermore e-mail can be set as well. Details are discussed via e-mail or phone.