Project info 

Title: Connect the teachers to reach and teach the Net Generation
Duration: 2008. október 1. – 2010. szeptember 30.
Type: innovation transfer
Program: Leonardo da Vinci – LLL
Participating countries: Hungary, Italy Turkey, Germany, Scotland
Web: http://www.tenegen.eu
Contact: Hartyányi Mária, Prompt-G Számítástechnikai Oktatóközpont

Tenegen is a 24-month old project, by a team of 11 partners from five countries, framed by the innovative transfer of results from the LdV projects which are incorporated into the development of teacher-training programs. The Italian SLOOP project (openly shared curriculum) incorporates the popular "open source" format of software into the educational environment. The NETIS (Network Learning in the Information Generation) project defines the new philosophical, sociological and pedagogical paradigms for the emerging information generation. "E-learning, the school of the future" the NSZFI introduced and Prompt developed teacher learning programs past experiences into Tenegens future developement.

The Tenegen consortium is a collaborative teaching / learning environment that not only teaches e-learning methods to teachers, but also intends to involve them in the communication network as a medium of sharing knowledge.

The Tenegen project is intended to draw the attention of schools and teachers to the connectivism, the networked learning potential and educational opportunities of ICT and Web 2.0 tools. 

ADAM, the Project and Product Portal for Leonardo da Vinci has selected Tenegen "Connect the TEachers to reach and teach the NEt GENeration" as the project of the month!

Furthermore TeNeGEN has been strongly highlighted in the ADAM-Europe newsletter!

Find more details on the official website: http://tenegen.eu/