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Do you use a PC or Internet in your enterprise? Probably only a few small businesses today will respond ‘No’ to this question. The real question, then is ‘what does a computer really cost, how much is spent on software, how essential is it for a company to have its own website?’

In the last few years there has been a huge change in terms of cost. The internet offers a variety of free software for website creation, advertising products and services, economic planning, and for working together online.  But:

  •         How do you get these applications?

  •         How difficult are they to use?

  •         Are they really free?

SME 2.0 project (funded in the frame of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme - 2011-2013) intends to create an open networking environment to generate an online, knowledge sharing community of European SMSs to help them to utilize the newest web 2.0 technology in their daily business activities.

The SME 2.0 consortium will establis a proactive networking platform (SME 2.0 PNP) with four modules (Information and knowledge management, Project management, Online marketing, Human resource management) with special focus on the needs of the target group, in practice oriented approach, formulating the recommendation towards the EU level recognition of SME 2.0 certificate, prepare SME 2.0 course for accreditation in the Hungarian Adult Accreditation System.

Target groups

  •         managers, employees, owners of European SMEs,

  •         teachers and trainers of vocational education,

  •         policy makers,

  •         European e-learning providers.

WP1 Project management
WP2 Systems Analysis and Design of the Transfer of Innovation, needs-analysis
WP3 SME 2.0 Course design by adapting the donor products
WP4 Implementation of SME 2.0 course content and the SME 2.0 Proactive Networking Platform WP5 Implementation of SME 2.0 modules WP6 Pilots
WP7 Develop EU dimension of SME 2.0 PNP based on ECVET, EQF
WP8 Evaluation
WP9 Dissemination and valorization

Participating countries: HU, UK, IE, IT

Coordinator:  PROMPT-G Education and Training Centre for Information Technology (HU)
DEIS           Cork Institute Of Technology in Ireland (IE)
NYME         University of West Hungary, Faculty of Economics (HU)
CAPDM       CAPDM Ltd. (UK)                                                                     
AICA           Association of Italian Information Technology (IT)
SZIGSZ       Széchenyi István Secondary Grammar and Comprehensive School (HU)
LIBETRA    Libetra Service Ltd. (HU)
VART          VisionArt Europe Trade and  Service Ltd. (HU)
WireSpider WireSpider Ltd. (HU)