Electronical household appliances service, install and repair on demand.

We repair immediately broken devices depending on the nature of the error.


Háztartási kisgépek javítása Gödöllőn

  • Your washing machine stopped during wash?
  • Your machine pins lot of noise when spinning bearings?
  • The program runs out but the clothes or dishes remain dirty?
  • The machine is receiving power but the program does not start?
  • After starting the lights keeps flashing?
  • There is an unknown signal on the display, and have no idea?
See more at: http://www.legjobbszerviz.com/mosogep-szerelo/#sthash.4RThpwvK.dpuf

Feel free to contact us to repair your household appliances!


In case of you do not ask for repairs (because is not economical for it), we charge only the error identification fee.

 Háztartási gépek javítása Gödöllőn

Service tariff


Field-work price:



2 000 HUF+VAT/occasion

Attraction zone of Gödöllő:

4 500 HUF+VAT/occasion


7 000 HUF+VAT/occasion

Other area:

115 HUF+VAT/km











Service fees:

3 500 HUF+VAT/hour