PriceHunter - is there a cheaper one? 

Scan the barcode of any product, store the price and set the name. Compare the prices between your favourite markets. Build your own database!Find out where are the cheapest products of your daily shopping. 

Scan each product and save its price in each store. This application saves each product by scanning its barcode. After you scanned the product in different stores, you can find out where the cheapest product is.After you built your database, this application shows you the best price and the associated shop of the product you are about to buy. The only thing you have to do is get your phone and scan the barcode. Set the price, name or a short description of the product (optional). The application quickly pairs the product with the location and the name of the shop. 
Whenever you are about to buy the same product, just ask PriceHunter for the best deal!


Technical requirements: 
Operating system: requires iOS 8.0 and up
Network: internet access to use the map and address determination
Permissions: to access camera and location


 - Scan up to 8 type of barcodes
 - Quick and accurate scanning in low light conditions
 - 3 available languages (english, german, hungarian)
 - 190 available currencies
 - Price filtering by currency or distance
 - Shop address / location storing with one touch