Support for market-oriented research and development activities in the Central Hungarian region.

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Consortium partners:
Infinity Financial Consulting Ltd..
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
PROMPT-H Computer Education, Trade and Service Ltd.

Project start: 2012 12 01.
The project ends: 05/31/2014.
The PROMPT-H Computer Education, Trade and Service Ltd. First phase of the job applicants, on 22 April 2013, quit from the consortium.


Eco-innovation in the supply and the demand side are displayed;  we are about looking for existing operating green technology solutions along improved versions: looking for technology for sustainable development and procedural innovation. It would be important as a prototype technologies already in the experimental stage, appearing for the enterprises to cut in as partners, generating transfer of knowledge in the rapidly development field. New opportunities are created through the use of eco-innovations and investments planned for businesses, before supplying green alternatives.

 The relevant knowledge gap causes more powerful barrier thus there isn't direct connection between the demand and the supply side. Usually there is no demand for green technologies in the request side owing to the fact the possibilities aren't known by the enterprises, and they haven't got a knowledge about cost-effective method.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the available databases are not efficient enough, the content isn't up to date, on the one hand because there is no standard methodology utility for recoverability of eco-business, on the other hand, regarding to that the special online content knowledge is growing exponentially, and changing rapidly.

 The aim of the project is to develop a web application based on language technology solution that collects, organizes and evaluates regardless of sector the Eco-innovations and offers automatically in personalized way for interested companies - following an online audit.