Project aims and objectives
ITACA promotes the cooperation between informatics schools and companies to improve the training system quality and make students acquire competences and certifications useful to enter the world of work.
The project intends to transfer the EUCIP Competence System, in particular the IT Administrator profile and related Full and Fundamentals certifications, to technical schools. Developed by CEPIS at European level and run by AICA in Italy and FEE in Spain, it is a “competence-system” which addresses companies and informatics professionals. It’s composed by:

  1. a detailed syllabus,
  2. a self-assessment tool to identify a “proximity competence profile” and related training gap,
  3. automatic exams assessing knowledge (and test simulations),
  4. practical exams assessing skills.

The ITACA project intends to:

  • Plan a learning path in the computer study field based on the EUCIP IT Administrator syllabus and organised in Units of Learning Outcomes following the ECVET model. Such a learning path aims providing students knowledge, skills and attitudes required and is based on project-work activities and placements in companies in the view of creating a suitable context where to develop competences.
  • Promote a pilot course based on collaborative online activities addressing about 30 Italian teachers who, interacting with companies, define such a learning path in details.
  • Deliver cascade training courses to Italian and Hungarian teachers make them familiar with such a model so that they could activate IT Admin courses for their students
  • Certificate teachers and accredit schools as IT Administrator awarded bodies
  • Pilot the learning model devised with students in Italy and Hungary
  • Promote a community of teachers which will keep the debate on competence-based learning and the cooperation with companies alive
  • Present the project results to relevant stakeholders in Italy, Hungary and Spain to obtain public validation and recognition of the IT Admin ECVET points.

The partnership involves Institutions of three European countries.
ITALY is the headquarter of the main sectorial transfer thanks to:
a. Schools: the promoter ITIS Giordani and Hermes in the South of Italy, IIS Meucci in the Center and IIS Mattei in the North
b. AICA (project Co-ordinator), owner of the object to be transferred
c. Companies associations: ASSINTEL, CNA.
HUNGARY will be another seat of the transfer of the project to guarantee its transnational validity thanks to a multi-actorial partnership:
a. PROMPT- G, an Education and Training Centre for Information Technology
b., Számalk, a Post-Secondary Vocational School
c. GAK, a Research and Innovation Non-profit Organisation providing services to industrial companies.
SPAIN is in charge of project evaluation, which will be carried out by:
a. Scienter CID, evaluator of the project development and customers' satisfaction,
b. Fundacion EUCIP Espana, responsible for the evaluation of results in the view of EUCIP and of its future application in Spain.