Operate, manage and improve surveillance systems.


Essential maintenance work may be nessessary at certain intervals even in the most fool-proofed observation systems.

The customers satisfaction with our work and also our surveillance systems, and their reliability is very  important for us.

If you prefer a new, more modern system we can build it up for you.


Monitoring System Service


Térfigyelő kamera javítása, telepítéseWhether home-assembled surveillance systems we have built and installed older or made by others; our company undertakes in case of failure, the review proposals for the development opportunities and servicing for the faulty components. If you have a problem, call us with confidence.


  • Our technicians can improve different type of cameras and recording devices debug in Godollo.
  • Troubleshooting and rectification in case of installed camera surveillance systems.
  •  Review / partial or complete replacement of built cabling systems.
  • Reiewing or partial or complete replacement of plugs.
  • Procure piece parts and units  for the reparation within a short deadline.
  • Put the defective products into service again after the raparation.
  • Exchange the necessary tools in case we can not be able to resolve the problem.


Repair of computer peripherals


We take the following computer input peripherals service:

  • Scanner
  • (Web)Camera

We also offer the following computer output peripherals service:

  • Printer
  • Loud-speaker, sound-card
  • Projector
  • Monitor
  • Graphic Drawing Tablet

Service tariff


Field-work price:



2 000 HUF+VAT/occasion

Attraction zone of Gödöllő:

4 500 HUF+VAT/occasion


7 000 HUF+VAT/occasion

Other area:

115 HUF+VAT/km




Service fees:

3 500 HUF+VAT/hour









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