Automated garage door is a required level requirement nowadays in case of family house. 

Gombnyomásra érzékeny kapunyitó eszköz kiépítése családi házaknál



In order to meet the demands, we can install iron and wood designed entrance gates, sectional garage doors or tilt doors.

It is feasible to control the garage door, or the big door, and the garage alarm system only with one remote control instead of 3 by using our alarm systems, and we don’t have to get out of the car to disalarm. The needs to automatize gates appeared at family house constructions. The best known systems are the various electric garage door and different kind of high gate drive systems.



In case of garage doors basically there are two types handling of implementation.


The rolling up door is one of the most popular way of motor-driven door locking. In this configuration we can distinguish so-called split-opening doors and sectional doors types.

Kapuautomatizálás gombnyomásra történő kinyitással kétszárnyú kapuk esetében.

  • The other solution like a roller shutter the rolling up door. 

However there are several workarounds for this big gates open.


  • The two most common solution are the so-called push solution where the entire length of the gate can be moved along the fence and opened the sliding door. 
  • The other solution is the gate wings, where we install a drive motor to each wing of 90° or 100-110° opening by protecting the obstacles objects in case of car or person.


However the infrared barriers were not leaving, we can expand the amenities besides the security functions like automatic door lock after leaving.