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Fire alarm security technology area requires the most attention. These systems get very high attention as they can save your life.

Fire alarm and suppression systems may only be installed and maintained by a cetrificated person, which is check by the fire service on handover.

In the security technology the fire alarm and supression systems have big attantion. The importance of the role is to protect life, therefore the system must meet very strict requriements.


Fire alarms can be devided into two main groups.


The so called "regular" system and the "intelligent" system. The main difference is the decision if there is fire or not is made by an element/device of the system or by the central control panel.

Regular system:

These devices have two states: alarm and sleep. The sensor makes the decision and there is no central computer in the system.

Intelligent system:

the sensor sends data to the central and taking many factors into consideration the central will decide if the alarm should go of or not. In this system the sensor can be configured indenpendently.

"A poorly installed or selected alarm system gives a false sense of security, it can contribute directly to this by the development of a tragedy."

This one sentence contains all that is due to the installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems are the most important things for security in life of companies.


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Industrial Park of Gödöllő

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