Mágneses azonosítót használva lép be egy munkaterületre az arra jogosult.

Among the security systems perhaps the existence of entry system can best facilitate an enterprise's life. An access control system can easily keep track of the movement of employees, or, if necessary restrict it, and combined with the timesheet registry module it can speed up and simplify the payroll accounting.

In the everyday life of a business a well chosen entry system may be the greatest help.
Enrty systems basicly may be split into two groups.


  • Offline system: where the entry points are not linked to a central control server. In this case every entry point has to be programmed separately.
  • Online system: where the entry points get required data from a central server, and programming of access system is done in one central place. In this case it might happen that due to any reason there is temporarily no connection between the entry point and the server and while working offline the entry points work from their own memory

We recommend offline systems for places where there are only a few employees and entry information is not needed later on. Typically these are used for doors found in small offices or warehouses.
Belépő kódszámmal enged bejutni a rendszer a munkaterületre.Online systems are a perfect choice for businesses or factories with high number of employees or for places where entry information has to be stored for later usage.
Entry devices can also be split into two main groups:

  • Devices based on touch priciple: barcode scanner (warehouses), magnetic card reader (bank cards), chip card reader (Smart card, Supershop card), fingerprint identification, palm ID, in a word every identification device which require physical contact to complete the identification.
  • Devices based on non-contact priciple: Radio frequency so called proximity card readers, proximity chip card readers, iris identification. These don't need physical contact in order to work therefore the devices don't get dirty and worn while using them.



Touch living working tools:
Egyik ujjról vett ujjlenyomat minta rögzítése után azzal az ujjal azonosít minket a rendszer a továbblépéshez. Ez egyedileg programozható, ki - milyen munkaterületre léphet be.


Barcode scanner (eg: storage systems), magnetic card reader (eg in the case of credit cards), Chip card reader (eg smart card, SuperShop card), fingerprint identification, palm identification, in short, any means of identification, where physical contact is necessary to the identification.





Non-contact operating tools:

Kulcstartóra akasztható azonosító eszközzel történő belépés a munkaterületre.

Radio-frequency so-called proximity card readers, proximity chip card readers, Iris ID. For these the identification created without any physical contact, which has the advantage that the means used for identification doesn't get dirty.

There is a very powerful application which can be attached to the entry system which is the Working Hour Register which keeps track of the employees working time exactly to the minute and this information can be stored and used later on. This system may be attached to many payroll accountant software therefore lots of time can be saved at the end of the month for the accountants with only a few mouse clicks.