Because of the multitude of alarm systems we have crated a multi-level system requirements of our company, which we can choose those manufactures and products, those that could be listed to our sold and installed systems. 

The Requirements

Riasztó jelző kiriasztott állapotban.


Containing items in the following list including:

  • Handling by the user
  • Reliable Operation
  • Maintenance needs
  • Proper service background
  • Right price - in addition




2 centers of factories based on extensive factory testing had been choosen, however variety of products manufacture needed to had been integrated into our product range. 

The Paradox and the DSC were became the two center of manufacturer. 


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We also chose PIMA, CROW, D&D, and PULNIX sensor families as sensor suppliers.

Among the two manufacturing, we can find such an application which can realize these small-, medium and large systems, and of course they have both wired and wireless solutions.

The 2 producers logic is so different from each other not only in programming, but also in consumption levels. Apart from this it was necessary to keep both product scope. 

The reason of necessity is that the people using our systems also different from each other. The users needs causes the differences.