Intel Teach

Prompt  developed the Hungarian version of the online course for teachers of Project Based Learning  (PBL) on behalf of Intel Corporation.


The result of the development a simply handled automatics which the power consumption is cosiderable, and can be promoted throught the Internet.

You can download the document here (in Hungarian).


Project info 

Title: Connect the teachers to reach and teach the Net Generation
Duration: 2008. október 1. – 2010. szeptember 30.
Type: innovation transfer
Program: Leonardo da Vinci – LLL
Participating countries: Hungary, Italy Turkey, Germany, Scotland
Contact: Hartyányi Mária, Prompt-G Számítástechnikai Oktatóközpont


Recent activities and news:


E-learning development in the Faculty of Science of the Eötvös Loránd University    (2011-2013)

PROMPT Computing Ltd. is an active member of the The Inclusive Workplace Program. It gives disadvantaged workers an employment-training program as graphic assistant, programmer or assistant editor, while preparing the participants to be possible future PROMPT Ltd employees. The program starts 2010 July 10th. The project is hosted by the Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. GAK Social Diversity Program.

More information can be found on the GAK website (in Hungarian).


This Leonardo project intends to support European standardisation processes in the ICT and multimedia sector, to deliver better acceptance and possibilities of anchorage of European standards in national environments. The pilot training was going on in the 'Sirius' Framework system - developed by Prompt.

More information: Embedding Standards


The V&Aacute;TI Nonprofit Ltd. - TeIR project : planning and developing open source IT applications. These are implemented in an e-learning framework as a teacher&rsquo;s application. V&Aacute;TI operates a website where statistics can be used by users. There are two types of permission levels, some searches/applications are open to public, while others are only usable for registered members.<br />
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RECKON – development of a digital object identifier, counter and event manager system that supports the security economic and environmental decisions' preparation Project ID: GVOP-3.3.3-05/2.-2006-01-0162/3.0 The aim of the development was a system development and integration of an intelligent event manager system to the IP camera surveillance/video recording system. The system developed has unique properties in the field of IP cameras and analogue cameras, too.