The European Commission describes ageing as one of the greatest social and economic challenges of the 21st century for European societies. In 2014, the proportion of persons aged 65 or over reached 18.5% in the EU and it is projected to further increase in the future to almost 30% by 2080.

The difficulties that relatives of older adults and the social- and healthcare system face, could be handled partly by utilizing the opportunities offered by technology. Modern ICT devices and online services can help to improve quality of life, keep personal autonomy, maintain and develop personal interactions of older adults.

Our company's computing retraining, vocational training courses and several thousand people took part successfully ECDL exams and exam depot.

The project aims to develop a competence-based, modular training programme (competence map, curriculum and learning materials) for formal and informal caregivers. It will empower them with advanced health literacy and tailored digital competencies, with special ICT skills in using eHealth technologies like smart devices, social alarms, wristbands, and special tele-diagnostic tools installed in the home.

ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership

Participant countries: Hungary, UK, Ireland, France, Spain

Duration: 1.09.2016-28.02.2019.


Prompt-H Ltd has been active in adult education since 1993, including in labor market trainings - in cooperation with the Centre for Labour. It is considered that we also have more than twenty years of experience in retraining of disadvantaged people to facilitate taking a job through information technology trainings for: school leavers, long-term job seekers, people with disabilities,returning mums from maternity or parental leave.

The AISAB Project will address the need within the EU to improve the level of innovation and its impact, particularly in SMEs. Building on the work of other innovation projects and materials, it will develop approaches to develop the skills that support SME innovation from an HEI context and through VET.


The PLENTIS project would like to help you learning if you are a student, or help you teaching if you are a teacher/trainer in the form of games. The partnership of this project offers a set of online educational minigames in the topic of agricultural entrepreneurship in order to develop the entrepreneurial skills and competences of students of this vocation.


The project aims at managing directors and senior employees of SMEs and supports them in recognizing the need for innovation management and innovation processes introduce even the smallest companies, and to make practical usable.18 experienced partners from Europe, including 6"core partners”, will introduce the results of the project in six EU countries(AT,ES,HU,IE,IT,SI).


Project aims and objectives
ITACA promotes the cooperation between informatics schools and companies to improve the training system quality and make students acquire competences and certifications useful to enter the world of work.

 The aim of the project is to develop a web application based on language technology solution that collects, organizes and evaluates regardless of sector the Eco-innovations and offers automatically in personalized way for interested companies - following an online audit. 
Intel Teach

Prompt  developed the Hungarian version of the online course for teachers of Project Based Learning  (PBL) on behalf of Intel Corporation.